I am The Monster.

Where the monster lives.

I am the monster. Feelings and emotions have no value to me, I wreck people perceptions of me, and destroy their heart, only I do it sneakily, underhanded and reap the consequences.

What you see is a facade, hidden behind a lie, covered by a mask, a sheep in wolves clothing ready to tear you to pieces.

Where a heart once beat a black hole deeper than any abyss, now lies.

I am the monster.

(C) Howard Carlyle.


It was fun in Hell”
the man calmly said
“I dined with the Devil
and danced with the dead”

I sat and I listened
as his story was told
about how he was fooled
and his soul had been sold

this all came to be
while alone one night
my demons came to visit
and I was to weak to fight

I was offered a deal that
would see me set free
no more of my solitude
free of all misery

I had friends, cars and money
I had riches galore
but I was alone with my torment
once I closed the front door

money can buy all the
things that you need
but I was guided through life
with an obsession for greed

wealth was my mistress
the one I adored
I had no time for my family
each one I ignored

“To seal the deal” they said,
“there’s one thing we’ll need”
I had to open my wrist
so they could watch me bleed

I did as was asked but
they continued to persist
I drew a sharp blade across
each virgin wrist

I lay as light faded
before my own eyes
that’s when he appeared
from behind his disguise

this ominous figure told
of my journey to Hell
I wanted to hear more
of what he would tell

he knew every mistake
I had ever made
and the family I’d lose
was the price I would pay

all the lies i had spoken
all the webs I had spun
would come back and hit me
like a bullet from a gun

It was the Devil who’d appeared
to tell me my fate
and he’d be waiting to greet me
at Hells firey gate.

(C) Howard Carlyle. 2020

In Pieces.

(A 100 word story, or a drabble)

In Pieces.

Tara knew that Craig had been cheating on her and she had only one thing on her mind… revenge!
She waited while he was sleeping before embedding an axe into his head, killing him as he slept.

She dragged his body into the garage and chopped him into small pieces, making it easier to get him into the car.
Tara drove deep in the woods and found the perfect place to bury him where no one would find him.

Only she knew where he was. His burial place was circled on a map with the words… Ex marks the spot.

(C) Howard Carlyle. 2019. All rights reserved.

Invitation To Dinner.

(A 100 word horror story… or a drabble)

Michelle opened the door and let David in. As he sat at the table, she struck him on the the head then tied him to the chair..
“Wake up, David! You said I should make you something that reflects the way you make me feel… you make me feel sick!
The way you brush past me in the office, the way you look at me… you’re a creep.
I’ve made this dish especially for you, so show some gratitude and eat it all up.” She said, as she spoon fed him from a bowl, full of her own warm vomit.

(C) Howard Carlyle. All rights reserved. 2019