In Pieces.

(A 100 word story, or a drabble)

In Pieces.

Tara knew that Craig had been cheating on her and she had only one thing on her mind… revenge!
She waited while he was sleeping before embedding an axe into his head, killing him as he slept.

She dragged his body into the garage and chopped him into small pieces, making it easier to get him into the car.
Tara drove deep in the woods and found the perfect place to bury him where no one would find him.

Only she knew where he was. His burial place was circled on a map with the words… Ex marks the spot.

(C) Howard Carlyle. 2019. All rights reserved.

Invitation To Dinner.

(A 100 word horror story… or a drabble)

Michelle opened the door and let David in. As he sat at the table, she struck him on the the head then tied him to the chair..
“Wake up, David! You said I should make you something that reflects the way you make me feel… you make me feel sick!
The way you brush past me in the office, the way you look at me… you’re a creep.
I’ve made this dish especially for you, so show some gratitude and eat it all up.” She said, as she spoon fed him from a bowl, full of her own warm vomit.

(C) Howard Carlyle. All rights reserved. 2019